A PHP Script (website files) requires certain system requirements in your web hosting server to be met for the online shop to operate properly - 99.99% Hosting companies are compatible with our PHP Scripts. First, You need to Register a Domain Name and have Web Hosting Space (Any Plan with minimum 2GB space) to make the uploaded files of the estore publicly available on the www. Domain names and hosting services can easily be purchased for an affordable price (about 2.95 USD per month). 

When selecting a hosting service, you should check to see that these server requirements are provided and installed on their web servers:

These extensions must be enabled to install properly on the web server. Most of the webhosting companies offer all these requirements (in-built).

System Requirements:
php script Script Friendly Cpanel Hosting eg: ZeeWebHosting
php script Web Server (preferably Apache-Linux)
php script PHP 5 or higher
php script MySQL 5 or higher
php script Other: Curl, Mod rewrite, Cronjobs, GD library, .etc... as mentioned in the script installation manual.


Although Installation of this PHP Script is very simple and easy if you follow the instructions/manual guide that comes along with your purchase. However if you still require our assistance in setting up your website, You have Two options.

  1. When You Order this downloadable product by Clicking "Add to Cart" button above, you see Optionals - like Installation, Logo design, etc. You can choose these to add to order.
  2. Or You can also purchase installation service from us later at this Link (Charge is for One instance of installation and the new website is similar to the demo website which can be configured easily from backend panel.


  If you need any help, you can contact us through our Online Support System and submit a Ticket to installation department with your installation details. Please wait for responses - usually within 24 - 48 hours depending on our office work load.